TrulyMe 59

TrulyMe 59

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Toooooooo Long...

Toooooooo Long...
Yep... I started a new school & things have been crazy... more in a little

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Hi! I am Kennidi!

Hobbies: Playing violin, shopping, rollerblading, biking, listening to music, photography, playing with her dog.

Personality: Kennidi is in between tomboy and girly-girl, and her personality is the most like mine. She is very energetic, ready for adventure, and she LOVES Owl City. She also loves to go shopping with her sister, Jessica. 

Favorite school subject: Art or Music

Favorite color: purple



American Girl Benefit Sale

The 28th American Girl Benefit Sale takes place July 18-19, 2015
8830 N. Greenview Drive, Middleton, WI.

Madison Children's Museum American Girl Benefit Sale

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About the Sale

Every summer, the Madison Children’s Museum hosts its largest fundraiser, the American Girl Benefit Sale. Dolls and books are featured at deeply discounted prices. Proceeds benefit the museum and the American Girl’s Fund for Children. Close to 300 volunteers donate their time throughout the year. Over $21 million has been raised over the past 27 years, benefiting children in Dane County.

Please Note a Change in the Sunday Sale

A very limited number of tickets will be sold for the first hour only (8 – 9 a.m.) of Sunday morning. Free tickets starting with an entry time of 9 a.m. will be distributed on-site beginning at 8 a.m. One ticket will be distributed per person and you must be present to receive a ticket. There is no guarantee of merchandise availability.  Please, no camping or waiting in line overnight.
NOTE: American Girl dolls and merchandise are only sold on site at the sale. There are no online sales.


Tickets for Saturday’s sale will be available in late May, 2015. They are $8 each with a limit of 4 and are only available by mail.
Tickets for Sunday’s sale (8 – 9 a.m.) will be available in late May, 2015. They are $15 each with a limit of 2 and are only available by mail.

Ticket Order Forms

Ticket order forms are available below. Please download the appropriate form, print it, fill it out, and return by mail with payment, as directed on the form.
You will need Adobe Acrobat to view and print these files. Please read through the Ticket Purchasing Procedures (page 2) and follow all directions carefully.

Rules & Regulations

  • For safety reasons, no children ages three and under will be admitted to the sale, including infants
  • Items are sold “as is” with no returns or exchanges
  • Merchandise limitations will be posted on the website
  • Merchandise limits are per-person, not per-ticket, we reserve the right to limit purchase quantities
  • Sale entry times may be delayed at times due to warehouse overcrowding
  • Merchandise is not staggered or held back; all sale items are on display
  • No wheeled devices (strollers, wagons, or wheeled luggage) are allowed; wheelchairs are acceptable.

Payment at the Sale

Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted. No checks or travelers checks. Outside crafters may have different payment preferences.

Hotels, Parking & Shuttles

On street parking and designated lots are free. Shuttle buses run throughout the Business Park, to our preferred hotels and downtown Middleton.

Area Info

Learn more about our host town at Middleton Tourism Commission.

Connect Online

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If you have any questions that can’t be answered with the information above, please email our American Girl Benefit Sale Coordinator.


YES You saw the title correctly... I AM HAVING A MEET UP! Or at least hosing one... anyways, it will be at... THE AG BENEFIT SALE!!!! Click HERE to find out more!!!

Friday, May 29, 2015


I hate to admit it... but I have no idea what to write on my blog!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!
also, does anyone know how to change your blog name???

Sunday, May 24, 2015

My favorite reads 2015

 I Just LOVE Jaclynn's photo shoot of her new doll Jane! You can see this post by clicking here!
Rebecca looks SO PRETTY in Shelby-Grace's photo shoot on her blog! Come check it out here!


Hello everyone! I’m sure a few of you are wondering why I haven’t posted about TrulyMe yet, but don’t worry! There will be a post on that within the next few days :)
Right now, I am here to ask YOU to email American Girl. Why, you ask? Well, here’s why;
Yesterday, I went to enter in the Truly Awesome Sweepstakes that AG is having now through August. Each week you can enter to win a different prize and this week it’s your choice of a TrulyMe doll and the new Love to Layer Accessories. So, guess what happened when I went to enter? I was putting in my birth date and I couldn’t go any farther back than 2001. I clicked on the rules and saw that only girls ages 8-13 are allowed to enter. That is really unfair! AG should not have an age limit in the sweepstakes! Girls ages 14 and up (and I mean WAY up), LOVE AG still! How could they block us out from being able to enter?
I wrote an email to AG about this because it is just wrong. They clearly do not realize how many of their customers are older teens and women. It’s up to us to make that known to them! So here’s what I’m asking;
Write to AG telling them how you are disappointed that you can’t enter the sweepstakes because of the age limit, or tell them that you think it’s unfair to the older girls. Then, if you have a blog, post about this situation on your blog and ask your readers to write as well. Let’s spread this around! The more letters/emails AG receives, the better. I don’t know if they’ll even do anything about it, but I feel that we need to get our point across! :)
Enjoy your night, everyone! :)